The essence of… Asset Performance Management

05 September 2022

Asset Performance is a measure of the asset’s capability to perform each required function. In short, it is what the business owner wants the asset to do in a safe and, of course, a reliable way.

New Asset Performance Magazine out now

05 September 2022

In this first issue of Asset Performance Magazine we focus…

Stories from the Melt Shop – John Garrison, Level One Ultrasound Inspector

02 September 2022

John Garrison is a SDT Level One Trained Ultrasound Inspector working as a Melt Shop Mechanical Technician in Alabama. This is part of his reliability journey as told by him.

People are the most valuable tool in wrench time measurements

01 September 2022

US Steel Košice (USSKE), the Slovakian subsidiary of US Steel, is the largest integrated steel producer in Central Europe. Three years ago, USSKE started a transformation process to optimise maintenance. This resulted in a significant increase in labour productivity and a reduction in maintenance costs. Juraj Valent, the maintenance transformation manager, and Marko Rentka, the director of the maintenance transformation, explain how the change actually took place.

A motivated and resilient team – what can we learn from world-class football?

29 August 2022

The worlds of sport and business seem to be two different worlds but have many similarities. Both top athletes and employees want to develop and use their talents and capacities in the best possible way in order to improve themselves and achieve success. Teamwork, training, role assignment and motivation are crucial in both sport and business.

How to find, qualify, motivate & retain technical talent

22 August 2022

Businesses are facing a major problem as technical vacancies are…

Opportunistic Maintenance: A Newer Name to Good Practice

31 July 2022

In the realm of maintenance policies, opportunistic maintenance may sound like an outsider. Indeed, recently, looks have been focused on Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM), Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) and predictive maintenance or even prescriptive 4.0 maintenance as most up-to-date common good practice, but it would be a mistake to overlook the benefits of opportunistic maintenance.

A new approach to support change in Maintenance Management

29 July 2022

Companies are facing major challenges that require adjustments to the organization of maintenance. Implementing those changes requires special measures, such as appointing a Shadow Maintenance Manager. This ad interim manager leads the department through the change. This leads to more efficiency and makes work more pleasant for everyone, including new employees.

Drive Smarter Maintenance and Better Operating Decisions

26 July 2022

With the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), a new world of possibilities has opened for manufacturers.

Focus on Improving CMMS Data Quality to Boost O&M ROI

20 July 2022

Use good CMMS data now and receive automated recommendation to improve overtime.