Asset Data Management

Embracing digital twin technology

09 August 2023

There’s a lot of talk about digital transformation and digital twin technology, but not everyone fully understands the benefits of implementing a digital twin. In this whitepaper, we’ll provide clear facts about a true digital twin and its advantages. No marketing hype, just the truth.

Three things to remember when building a data centre

29 November 2022

This sudden digital shift, together with the latest developments in 5G communication is stimulating a need for more cloud-based and online solutions, which in-turn is motivating huge investments in IT infrastructure such as data centres. In this article, Hiroki Nishiyama, global manager of data centre marketing at Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, explains further about the challenges facing this important rising industry.

The Introduction of Data Analytics into Calibration

31 August 2022

In this article we explain how digitalization can be used to optimize calibration routines. We discuss a balanced approach which achieves cost-savings from increasing calibration intervals where possible, yet mitigates risk by decreasing intervals where absolutely neces­sary. Digitalization is a true source of opportunity for chemical manufacturers.

Focus on Improving CMMS Data Quality to Boost O&M ROI

20 July 2022

Use good CMMS data now and receive automated recommendation to improve overtime.

Mass data collection only meaningful if you do something with it

29 June 2022

Analysing data to optimise production and maintenance processes The name…