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Circular Asset Management : Conceptual Model & Applications in the Process Industry

12 July 2023

HZ University of Applied Sciences (HZ UAS) – Asset Management…

How climate activism has sneaked into our daily lives… and is here to stay!

14 June 2023

Smart use of information, innovation and available energy is the basis for the current digital and energy transition. Asset Performance 2023 welcomes Kurt Vandeputte, Senior Vice President of Battery Recycling Solutions at the Belgian company Umicore, to talk about these trends and principles at Umicore.

Standardised maintenance departments make Agristo future-proof

06 June 2023

Agristo won the ‘Technical Team of the Year’ award from BEMAS thanks to a successful implementation of Ultimo and standardisation of maintenance at group level.

Reduce “dirty hours” and create value

03 April 2023

Many companies are struggling with the current energy price crisis. Some energy intensive companies were even forced to stop production because of the high prices. Others look for energy-saving measures that substantially reduce costs. Did you ever critically examined the so-called “dirty hours” in your organisation?

TotalEnergies’ approach to shutdowns and turnarounds in an ever-changing market

07 March 2023

In the current energy market, TotalEnergies, like all the other major energy companies, books good operating results. Previously, the coronavirus pandemic weighed heavily on the operating results but didn’t disrupt day-to-day operations or planned turnarounds and shutdowns. We spoke with Jos Vermylen, plant manager of the refinery, and José-Manuel Araujo, director turnaround.

Maintenance of offshore wind turbines in pictures and films

24 February 2023

The engineers and technicians of offshore wind turbines live on a boat for days. Nicolas Job regularly travels to various wind farms around the world to follow in the footsteps of the maintenance technicians. Here, he describes in detail life aboard a boat for maintenance technicians at sea and explains how work is carried out, high up in the wind turbines.

Energy crisis and digital smart grids – changing times in the energy sector

08 December 2022

Distribution system operators, as well as consumers, have to cope with skyrocketing energy prices and an energy shortage. As a result, measures to improve energy efficiency with an optimal CO2 balance are becoming increasingly important. Thus, the focus on active grid management and supply-secure grid operation is intensifying. A future-oriented grid management system for the low-voltage range distribution grid, to complement the possibly existing medium-voltage grid management systems appears to be essential.

Teledyne FLIR launches compact thermal camera for use in hot working zones

07 December 2022

Teledyne FLIR has announced the launch of the FLIR Cx5,…

People are the most valuable tool in wrench time measurements

01 September 2022

US Steel Košice (USSKE), the Slovakian subsidiary of US Steel, is the largest integrated steel producer in Central Europe. Three years ago, USSKE started a transformation process to optimise maintenance. This resulted in a significant increase in labour productivity and a reduction in maintenance costs. Juraj Valent, the maintenance transformation manager, and Marko Rentka, the director of the maintenance transformation, explain how the change actually took place.

Drive Smarter Maintenance and Better Operating Decisions

26 July 2022

With the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), a new world of possibilities has opened for manufacturers.