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Asset Performance in the era of Artificial Intelligence

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We're excited to bring you the first episode of our insightful podcast series! In this episode, we delve into the fascinating world of Asset Performance in the era of Artificial Intelligence, featuring a captivating interview with Sven Strassburg from IBM.

Join our host, Wim Vancauwenberghe, Conference Director of Asset Performance, as he engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Sven Strassburg, IBM Principle Solution Architect. Explore the dynamic intersection of AI, collaborative techniques, and asset optimization, all set against the backdrop of an evolving workforce and aging assets.

Discover how collaborative AI is shaping knowledge transfer in organizations today. Learn about the revolutionary approach that bridges the expertise gap between junior and senior employees, fostering natural interactions and knowledge sharing through interactive sessions. Sven unveils the power of predictive and prescriptive approaches, where AI guides operators while still empowering them to exercise their expertise.

Dive into the sustainable side of technology implementation. Uncover how extending the life of aging assets is not just environmentally responsible but also a key to optimizing performance. Sven introduces the concept of strategic retrofitting and reconditioning, ensuring that equipment upgrades are both efficient and environmentally conscious.

Don't miss this engaging episode that navigates the intricate landscape of AI, sustainability, and asset performance. Tune in to gain fresh insights, actionable strategies, and a deeper understanding of how AI is reshaping industries for a more efficient and eco-friendly future.

Bridging the Gap: APM 4.0 and the Future of Asset Performance Management

Join us in this insightful episode of the Asset Performance Conference Podcast, where we delve into the world of Asset Performance Management (APM) and its evolving landscape. Our host Wim Vancauwenberghe and special guests David Ariens and Omar Thiam from Aveva Select Benelux, share their expertise on how APM is far more than just asset reliability or availability.

David and Omar provide valuable insights into Industry 4.0 and getting started with digitisation and data science.

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In this conversation, we explore the critical questions that need to be asked to ensure a holistic understanding of asset performance and its impact on the bottom line. Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the future of APM and how it can revolutionize your organization's approach to asset management, resilience, and sustainability in the digital age.

Want to read more? Be sure to check out Davids blog "The IT/OT Insider" on

Navigating the Flow: Innovations in Water Asset Management at De Watergroep

In this episode of the Asset Performance Podcast, we delve into the pivotal roles of asset management and technological innovation in the water sector. Cindy Vermeire, Director of Distribution and Supplies, brings over two decades of experience to her oversight of maintenance, asset management, and investments within the drinking water network. Filip Vancoillie, responsible for asset and process management, emphasizes translating high-level strategies into actionable plans, integrating digital solutions to achieve operational excellence.

A significant challenge addressed is managing water losses across a vast network of over 34,000 kilometers of main pipes. Through strategic data use and digital technology implementation, such as sensors and digital customer meters, leakages are detected and managed more efficiently. The episode also highlights the importance of engaging the workforce in the transformation process and emphasizes the significance of data reliability, effective communication, and storytelling in driving organizational change within the water sector.

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Revolutionizing Asset Performance: The Power of Maintenance Logfile Mining

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In this episode of the Asset Performance Podcast, we delve into the transformative world of AI Maintenance Logfile Mining with Tom Rombouts, the Director of Data-Driven Solutions at I-care. Discover how AI-driven methodologies are changing the game for maintenance managers, asset managers, and reliability engineers, enabling them to achieve higher asset reliability, cost performance, resilience, and sustainability. Learn how I-care's innovative approach uses AI to uncover hidden issues, optimize maintenance strategies, and drive meaningful improvements in asset performance.
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Revolutionizing Maintenance Management with Sigga's Connected Worker Solutions

In this episode of the Asset Performance podcast, join us as we sit down with Stephen Timms and Ty Levine from Sigga, an independent software vendor specializing in connected worker solutions for maintenance organizations, particularly those using SAP. Host Wim Vancauwenberghe explores Sigga's mission to elevate maintenance technicians as unsung heroes within organizations.

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The Digital Transformation of Industrial Maintenance with focus on Sustainability and Skills

In this episode, our host Wim Vancauwenberghe explores the transformative impact of digitisation on industrial maintenance. Join us for an insightful conversation with Kourosh Bahrami and Michael Honné from Henkel Adhesive Technologies, along with Peter Gijbels of Endress & Hauser. Our discussion sheds light on how technology is reshaping maintenance practices, addressing sustainability challenges, and bridging skills shortages in industrial settings. Discover the future of maintenance in the digital age.