Human-Centric Innovation

How technology and people combine to close the loop

11 September 2023

Digital transformation is a continuous process which companies use to drive fundamental change in their businesses by leveraging new, digital technologies. Moving from traditional paper-based and time-consuming processes to digital and mobile creates multiple benefits. Companies and their workers see immediate increased efficiency, improved operational agility, and overall greater competitive advantage. This delivers enhanced value to employees, customers, and shareholders.

Expertise for Your Projects: Match the Resource to the Need

26 July 2023

There’s no denying that companies with industrial assets, regardless of business model or sector, are still suffering from a labor shortage. This is a growing problem around the globe. Despite a brief respite in May 2022, when U.S. job openings decreased to 11.3 million on the last business day, the hard reality is that more workers are retiring or resigning than are joining the labor force.

Teledyne FLIR launches compact thermal camera for use in hot working zones

07 December 2022

Teledyne FLIR has announced the launch of the FLIR Cx5,…

People are the most valuable tool in wrench time measurements

01 September 2022

US Steel Košice (USSKE), the Slovakian subsidiary of US Steel, is the largest integrated steel producer in Central Europe. Three years ago, USSKE started a transformation process to optimise maintenance. This resulted in a significant increase in labour productivity and a reduction in maintenance costs. Juraj Valent, the maintenance transformation manager, and Marko Rentka, the director of the maintenance transformation, explain how the change actually took place.

A motivated and resilient team – what can we learn from world-class football?

29 August 2022

The worlds of sport and business seem to be two different worlds but have many similarities. Both top athletes and employees want to develop and use their talents and capacities in the best possible way in order to improve themselves and achieve success. Teamwork, training, role assignment and motivation are crucial in both sport and business.

How to find, qualify, motivate & retain technical talent

22 August 2022

Businesses are facing a major problem as technical vacancies are…

Should we treat our technicians like surgeons?

29 June 2022

It really is a challenge to find good technicians, hold on to them and expand the technical talent. This is the case today and this probably will be the same in the next years. Therefore you would expect that we properly support our technicians and provide an environment in which they can develop their technical talent to the fullest. But our actions often tell a different story.