Sustainability, Energy & Emission Optimization

Circular Asset Management – Minimization of the release of waste during industrial cleaning

31 October 2023

At present, a multitude of techniques are used in the process industry for cleaning industrial equipment, machines, tools, etc. The performance of these methodologies is still insufficiently controlled and assessed in terms of sustainability. Although it is known that cleaning produces a relatively large amount of waste and requires  a significant amount of energy, there is insufficient insight into which of the current cleaning methods and processes is the most sustainable one.

The four mega trends in maintenance

30 August 2023

Focussing on Maintenance and Asset Management, we see many differences…

Circular Asset Management : Conceptual Model & Applications in the Process Industry

12 July 2023

HZ University of Applied Sciences (HZ UAS) – Asset Management…

How climate activism has sneaked into our daily lives… and is here to stay!

14 June 2023

Smart use of information, innovation and available energy is the basis for the current digital and energy transition. Asset Performance 2023 welcomes Kurt Vandeputte, Senior Vice President of Battery Recycling Solutions at the Belgian company Umicore, to talk about these trends and principles at Umicore.

How to get started with energy monitoring

12 May 2023

Conscious energy management is a phenomenon that has been increasingly applied in companies. it is also becoming a common practice to have the same insight into their energy consumption through software.

Energy efficiency and cost control in companies

19 April 2023

The experiences and insights of Wim Dedeurwaerder (Head of Infrastructure and Technical Installations at the Belgian Ministry of Defence), Peter Vos (Energy Manager at Agristo) and Steven Vandenbulcke (Plant Manager at A&S Energie and A&U Energie) can inspire and help other companies and organisations to improve their energy efficiency, thus contributing to achieving the EU’s sustainable objectives.

Reduce “dirty hours” and create value

03 April 2023

Many companies are struggling with the current energy price crisis. Some energy intensive companies were even forced to stop production because of the high prices. Others look for energy-saving measures that substantially reduce costs. Did you ever critically examined the so-called “dirty hours” in your organisation?

Innovative Energy Storage Solutions – Key to accelerate the green transition

03 February 2023

As we are trying to limit our dependency on fossil fuels and solar panels and wind turbines are increasingly saturating our landscape, we find ourselves in front of yet another, potentially bigger, challenge: not the production of green, low-carbon energy, but its storage over both short and long periods of time. These are some of the most promising energy storage solutions to date.

What is Pinch Analysis and how can it make a difference?

13 January 2023

Daniel Declercq, specialized in energy efficiency and CO2 reduction, explains the process of pinch analysis and how it can make a difference in industrial energy consumption.

Industrial process heat: the shift towards sustainability is happening

09 December 2022

Generating sustainable heat in industry, it can be done! Jo…