Circular Asset Management – Minimization of the release of waste during industrial cleaning

31 October 2023

At present, a multitude of techniques are used in the process industry for cleaning industrial equipment, machines, tools, etc. The performance of these methodologies is still insufficiently controlled and assessed in terms of sustainability. Although it is known that cleaning produces a relatively large amount of waste and requires  a significant amount of energy, there is insufficient insight into which of the current cleaning methods and processes is the most sustainable one.

De Watergroep wins Asset Performance 4.0 Award

26 October 2023

Antwerp, 25 October 2023 – This evening, BEMAS – the…

Sitech Services: Pioneering Sustainable Industrial Maintenance through Data-Driven Predictive Models

25 September 2023

Manufacturers across Europe face a huge task to keep producing optimally while making the shift towards sustainability, and all this under the watchful eye of critical stakeholders. So the industry is aware of the importance of careful maintenance of their plants and recognizes the importance of a reliable service provider with a proven track record

5 Traps to Avoid When Selecting Asset Performance Management Software 

15 September 2023

The market is saturated with software that promises to improve asset performance and reduce or  eliminate downtime. Whether it brands itself as asset performance management, predictive  maintenance, reliability centered maintenance or condition-based maintenance software, all seem  indistinguishable from each other. 

How technology and people combine to close the loop

11 September 2023

Digital transformation is a continuous process which companies use to drive fundamental change in their businesses by leveraging new, digital technologies. Moving from traditional paper-based and time-consuming processes to digital and mobile creates multiple benefits. Companies and their workers see immediate increased efficiency, improved operational agility, and overall greater competitive advantage. This delivers enhanced value to employees, customers, and shareholders.

Introducing Emixa: Pioneering Digital Transformation through Synergy

06 September 2023

Emixa, a dynamic consortium formed by five prominent companies – Appronto, cards PLM Solutions, Dimensys, Magnus Digital, and OnePLM – heralds a new era in digital transformation. With a strong emphasis on the manufacturing sector, also known as ‘Industry 4.0’, Emixa harnesses the combined power of Siemens, Mendix, and SAP technologies.

Simplifying condition monitoring of balance of plant equipment

06 September 2023

Knowing the health of your important assets is critical to achieving production and business goals. Colin Burg, senior account manager for reliability solutions at Emerson, explains how edge analytics devices are helping to simplify the implementation of online monitoring systems.

Proactive water leakage detection with sensors

30 August 2023

AI-Technology & People Data-driven working methods help De Watergroep to…

What is the impact of measurement accuracy on plant performance?

30 August 2023

IntroductionIt is a common understanding in production facilities that assets…

Henkel creates added value for its customers with the digital LOCTITE Pulse solutions

30 August 2023

In October 2021, Henkel Adhesive Technologies, a global leader in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, introduced LOCTITE Pulse, an Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT) solution that contributes to the reliability of critical assets. Once installed in your critical assets, LOCTITE Pulse sensors continuously collect data and provide valuable insights into asset health.