Sitech Services: Pioneering Sustainable Industrial Maintenance through Data-Driven Predictive Models

Manufacturers across Europe face a huge task to keep producing optimally while making the shift towards sustainability, and all this under the watchful eye of critical stakeholders. So the industry is aware of the importance of careful maintenance of their plants and recognizes the importance of a reliable service provider with a proven track record.

At Sitech Services, we are ready to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of high-quality services aimed at optimizing industrial processes and maximizing operational efficiency. Our expertise encompasses asset management, advanced data analytics, predictive maintenance, and the implementation of innovative technologies. We understand the challenges our clients face and are committed to deliver tailored solutions that not only enhance their performance but also minimize costs and promote safety. Sitech Services is your trusted partner in achieving sustainable success in an ever-evolving world of industry and technology.

On Wednesday October 25 from 14:15-15:00h, Peter Bosmans, Technology Manager at Sitech Services, discusses the development of predictive models and the monitoring of assets and systems, based on real cases at the Chemelot site in Geleen. The objective is to improve maintenance practices by predicting failures and taking preventive actions to ensure reliable steam supply.

The presentation highlights the key stages involved in the development of the predictive model and monitoring system, including data collection, data cleaning, data modeling, dashboarding, monitoring, and advising. By leveraging data-driven approaches, we can visualize the condition of  assets while they are in operation, eliminating the need for traditional inspection methods.

The challenges addressed revolve around the ability to visualize asset conditions solely through data analysis, without the requirement for physical inspections. By monitoring data for anomalies, our clients can proactively identify potential issues, minimize maintenance costs, and enhance system reliability. The objective is to detect early signs of wear or faults to prevent consequential damage and ensure uninterrupted production.

Would you like to learn more? Come visit us at booth E2, where our experts will be available to provide you with detailed information about this project. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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