Asset Performance 4.0 & 5.0

Simplifying condition monitoring of balance of plant equipment

06 September 2023

Knowing the health of your important assets is critical to achieving production and business goals. Colin Burg, senior account manager for reliability solutions at Emerson, explains how edge analytics devices are helping to simplify the implementation of online monitoring systems.

How to stay competitive during the Fourth Industrial Revolution

10 August 2023

It is strategically important for companies to remain competitive and profitable by improving, innovating and redirecting their business, now and in the future. This requires them to have their engineering, asset management and manufacturing processes in order. According to PDM’s Industrial Excellence philosophy, companies can only start implementing Industry 4.0 technologies when these business processes are properly set up.

The Importance of Asset and Fleet Optimization for Power Generators

20 July 2023

Leaders in the energy sector are exploring how digital technology can create intelligent and autonomous fleet operations to optimize daily generation, manage risk, improve margins and operate from anywhere.

European Commission hosts webinar on Data Spaces in Manufacturing

14 December 2022

On the 7th of the December the Digital Factory Alliance…

Durable drives for belt conveyor systems

07 December 2022

With high thermal limit powers, MAXXDRIVE XT industrial gear units have been optimised for bulk logistics applications such as belt conveyor systems.

New Asset Performance Magazine out now

05 September 2022

In this first issue of Asset Performance Magazine we focus…

Stories from the Melt Shop – John Garrison, Level One Ultrasound Inspector

02 September 2022

John Garrison is a SDT Level One Trained Ultrasound Inspector working as a Melt Shop Mechanical Technician in Alabama. This is part of his reliability journey as told by him.

Duracell safeguards competitiveness through digitisation

30 May 2022

Production facilities within multinationals must constantly fight for their existence. That is why Duracell Belgium decided to go for digitalisation.

ExRobotics demonstrates 2 robots at Asset Performance 4.0

30 May 2022

At Asset Performance 4.0 2021, ExRobotics and their software partner Energy Robotics will showcase two robots: a Boston Dynamics Spot and their own ExR-2.

The Day After Tomorrow in Asset Performance

30 May 2022

Big Data. I mean, this is an industry that’s always been interested in information. But now Big Data is becoming abundant.