ExRobotics demonstrates 2 robots at Asset Performance 4.0

At Asset Performance 4.0 2021, ExRobotics and their software partner Energy Robotics will showcase two robots: a Boston Dynamics Spot and their own ExR-2.

Boston Dynamics Spot

Both robots are used by customers for inspection of their assets.

The difference is that the ExR-2 robot is ATEX zone 1 certified and Spot is not.

This means the ExRobotics robot can help asset owners in the petrochemical industry, while Spot is suitable for non-ATEX zones.

The ExR-2, an autonomous ATEX certified robot

he ExR-2 is designed to be fully autonomous and for this the robot has a power full LiDAR and a AI/ML computer unit on board. The LiDAR robot has situational awareness of its environment and with the additional computer power the robot can autonomously navigate a complex environment. Obstacle detection, obstacle avoidance and mission (re)planning are simple tasks for all this computer power. The obstacle detection recognises its surroundings and adjusts the robots’ behavior to the environment. If a un expected obstacle is a toolbox (housekeeping), the robot can replan its route, if the obstacle is a man down, the robot can directly send a warning to the control room and wait for further instructions.

With this situational awareness the possibilities of this technology are endless. At the end of this year ExRobotics will open a skill store, so that third party developers can add additional skills to the robots. Customers can then select this additional skill for their robot easily in a portal and customize their robot for their facility. But customers also can develop and add their own Artificial intelligence algorithms!

Spot, an explorer for autonomous missions

Spot is an agile mobile robot that navigates terrain with unprecedented mobility, allowing you to automate routine inspection tasks and data capture safely, accurately, and frequently.

Spot can carry and power up to 14 kg of inspection exuipment. He is controlled via an intuitive tablet application and built-in stereo cameras. You can program repeatable autonomous missions to gather consistent data.

The results? Safer, more efficient and more predictable operations.

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