Media Partners 2023

Maintenance Magazine is the only Belgian magazine that reaches managers and their closest employees in production and maintenance in the manufacturing industry, (petro)chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry, (semi) public workplaces and other sectors. Maintenance Magazine is the official mouthpiece of BEMAS, the professional association of maintenance managers in Belgium.

Engineeringnet-Maintenance Magazine is the only Belgian magazine that reaches the entire industrial-scientific-technological market: the manufacturing industry, the (petro) chemical, the pharmaceutical, the food industry, (semi) public workshops and other sectors.

Technology, world of work and society are the three most important areas that Industry 4.0 & IIoT Magazine cover with their content. Every 14 days, the magazine offers current topics on all areas of the fourth industrial revolution. From current developments on the labour market - here the focus is especially on the topic of training - to studies and statistics to technical solutions.

Maintworld covers all aspects of Maintenance and Asset Management in Europe and beyond as it keeps feeding new technologies and innovations through its high level editorial content. Maintworld is the first and only Pan European publication of EFNMS (European Federation of National Maintenance Societies).

Process Control is a trade magazine for the process industry, about process control, automation -and optimisation. A trade magazine about manufacturing, which focuses on the technology of process control and has an eye for the business and social context in which it takes place.

Supporting organizations 2023

The Southern African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) registered as a non-profit organization (2001/010708/08) was formed in 1997, then known as the Southern African Maintenance Association (SAMA). The purpose was and still is to promote the interests of asset management and maintenance as a whole, as well as to uplift the asset management and maintenance practitioners in Southern Africa. Contact us at or +27110615000