Searching for the new equilibrium

Increase or decrease production? Invest in digitalization? Focus on uptime or cost control? Because of COVID-19 all certainties were lost. Now we are (hopefully) dealing with the end of the pandemic, we need to ask ourselves these questions again. A new reality demands clarity, agility and a new vision of the future. How to find the new equilibrium?

The Corona virus had an impact on almost every organization. This also led to consequences for the maintenance organization. As independent consultancy firm in maintenance and asset management, with experience in industry, fleet and infra, Mainnovation noticed these consequences of the lockdown in various branches. Mark Haarman, managing partner of Mainnovation: ‘The economy had to deal with heavy weather and many had a hard time coping with the new reality. Keeping your distance, working remote, no more expenditures and a long term vision that had to be totally revised. Where to focus on? What choices do you make and can they withstand the next crisis?’

Clarity and agility

Mainnovations VDMXL methodology proved to be a powerful, integral improvement approach with which the maintenance organization can make well-founded choices to add value. The motto is ‘Keep it simple’. Haarman: ‘Over the past two decades, we already noticed our methodology is crisis-resistant. In the search for a new equilibrium, VDMXL offers opportunities to shift the focus. We are agile and move along with the new reality, in order to find a new balance between technical availability, maintenance costs, investments and safety. In addition, clarity is still a foothold that helps companies to take steps forward in these times of anxiety and uncertainty.’

Back to normal?

And now in post-corona times? Will we still be working remotely? Can we prevent another pandemic? And what are the effects from the recovery of society on industry and indirectly on maintenance and asset management? We are dealing with dynamics and challenges again. Back to normal, while we were already so used to the big changes, means that we have to find the equilibrium again. Can we pick up our way of working from before Corona, or is it really more complicated than that?

The power of VDMXL

If you set your sails in the right way in a storm, you can benefit from tailwind. ‘That is exactly what we did’, says Haarman. ‘We have broadened our knowledge and experience and we have been working on enforcing our core business: offering capital-intensive companies the necessary tools and advices to professionalize their Technical Service. VDMXL was, is and remains the powerful and proven methodology to make the right choices that will ensure the new equilibrium.’

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