Optimize your production processes with Data Analytics Services with Siemens

Crack the code of your data for improved competitiveness and maximized results

Manufacturers in the production and processing industry currently face multiple challenges: from boosting quality and productivity to reducing costs. Happily plenty of opportunities for improvement are coming on stream, as production equipment is capturing ever more data. But how do you identify these opportunities, leverage them and link them to KPIs? This is where Data Analytics Services from Siemens can help you.

By analyzing production data, manufacturers can gain valuable insights that help improve the quality and characteristics of their products and enable their industrial activities to run more smoothly.

But every business is unique. Which means your requirements when it comes to data analytics may differ significantly from those of a competitor. That’s why we at Siemens offer different data solutions that allow us to respond to the needs of small, medium and large businesses. Here is an overview of our solutions and their benefits.

Custom analytics and consulting solutions: solution-oriented

Visual analytics

This solution makes your production data transparent and clear, by visualizing the key production data. So you track your KPIs and gain more insight, meaning you can analyze trends, seek out new opportunities for innovation, and hence increase the availability and productivity of your assets.

Advanced analytics

Would you like to optimize your production capacity as well as improve the quality of your products and cut your production costs? If so, derive full advantage from the potential of your industrial data, with advanced analytics and machine learning. Artificial intelligence uncovers hidden data and patterns, enabling you to tackle specific industry challenges head on.

Standardized analytics: geared to assets

Are you looking for a standardized solution for status monitoring of rotating equipment? If so, your best option is to utilize our Siemens Predictive Maintenance Software. Anyone can use the package, without any additional training. What’s more, the analytics are available everywhere, via the cloud or on-premise. But exactly what analytics options does our software offer?

Track the status of your assets

For this, the software provides you with an accurate view of the health of your assets and their evolution over the years. Thanks to an interactive dashboard you are able to gain fast and clear insights, for optimum planning, thereby minimizing unscheduled downtime and maintenance costs.

Detect defects before they become critical

This too is easy with Siemens Predictive Maintenance Software. Because the package continuously digitally tracks the condition of your assets, you can easily pinpoint the exact cause and location of incidents or defects in your assets. The outcome? The service life of your machines is extended, without manual checks having to be carried out.

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