Asset Performance Programme Highlights

Keynote 25 October at 18 h.

How climate activism sneaked into our daily (professional) lives…
and is here to stay !

by Kurt Vandeputte, Sr Vice President Battery Recycling Solutions at Umicore


What half a century ago in the Western world was still classified as environmental fundamentalism or dooms thinking has entered into mainstream societal trends nowadays.

The awareness that uncontrolled chasing of personal welfare through innovation, abundantly available and cheap energy, ever faster information sharing, extreme globalization,… has hit its limits. Smart use of information, innovation and available energy is the basis for the current digital and energy transition. This approach has entered all our private and professional lives, moreover global geopolitical tension and the Covid health crisis have even accelerated the impact on all of us.

During his keynote, Kurt Vandeputte illustrates how Umicore applies these trends and principles at the smart batteries factory.


What will participants learn ?

  • Growing population, energy-intensity, materiality, current food needs,… are not sustainable
  • Change without innovation is unthinkable
  • Impactful systemic change will impact everybody and will have a cost
  • Information&data management is value-creative
  • The move from mechanics to electronics/electrics is radical
  • The impact of digitisation on sustainability and asset performance at Umicore

  • The keyrole of the most important asset: your people