What is Asset Performance ?

Asset Performance is an online platform and community that offers a unique opportunity to learn how to achieve higher equipment reliability and cost performance, while improving resilience and sustainability, by focussing on digital transformation and human-centric improvements to operations, maintenance and asset management.

We kick off this year's Asset Performance with the conference on 25 - 26 October 2023 in Antwerp, Belgium.

After the conference the platform remains open for 1 year. You can re-watch all presentations from the conference. Additionaly, you get access to all content of 2021 and 2022, which is +200 hours of inspiration.

Asset Performance includes an extensive database of webinars for everyone, both for people who want to get acquainted with digital transformations in maintenance and asset performance, and for those who want to gain more in-depth insights into how algorithms work and can be applied to prevent failures and increase the performance of installations and machines.


Be part of this and enjoy the following benefits

  • In-depth expert presentations on 25-26 October 2023
  • Access to the exhibition
  • Ample opportunity to network with peers & experts, conference participants and sponsors
  • Deep insights & practical experience during post-conference webinars and workshops
  • Re-watch all conference presentations and post-conference webinars on demand during 1 year
  • Access to all recordings of the previous years

Asset Performance in previous years

Asset Performance started as an online conference in 2020. In this Covid-year we welcomed 830 online participants from 25 different countries in our community. In 2021, we organised a hybrid edition of the conference and exhibition. With a total of 828 participants from 26 countries, we had a diverse group of registrants from all over Europe and beyond. 690 of the participants attended live in Antwerp, 138 participants chose to participate online only.

The Asset Performance audience consists of:

  • Reliability or Maintenance Engineers: 20%
  • Executive Managers: 20%
  • Maintenance Managers: 15%
  • Data Engineers: 10%
  • Asset Managers: 5%

Asset Performance is powered by BEMAS

Asset Performance is an initiative of BEMAS, Belgian Maintenance Association vzw-asbl, a not-for-profit organisation for professionals in maintenance & asset management. We help asset intensive organisations on the road to world class maintenance and management of technical equipment and infrastructure. BEMAS counts more than 585 member companies. BEMAS organizes more than 150 seminars and training courses every year. BEMAS is a valued member of EFNMS. More information on www.bemas.org.

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