In the spotlight

Asset Performance launches educational and hands-on conference programme

01 June 2023

On 25 and 26 October 2023, BEMAS, the Belgian Maintenance Association, will organise the fourth edition of the international Asset Performance Conference. Participants can attend 50+ in-depth presentations on the latest technologies and trends in operations, maintenance and asset management during these 2 inspiring days in Antwerp.

Reduce “dirty hours” and create value

03 April 2023

Many companies are struggling with the current energy price crisis. Some energy intensive companies were even forced to stop production because of the high prices. Others look for energy-saving measures that substantially reduce costs. Did you ever critically examined the so-called “dirty hours” in your organisation?

TotalEnergies’ approach to shutdowns and turnarounds in an ever-changing market

07 March 2023

In the current energy market, TotalEnergies, like all the other major energy companies, books good operating results. Previously, the coronavirus pandemic weighed heavily on the operating results but didn’t disrupt day-to-day operations or planned turnarounds and shutdowns. We spoke with Jos Vermylen, plant manager of the refinery, and José-Manuel Araujo, director turnaround.